Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance Corner is available for commercial license for either a three-month or a twelve-month period, where all multinational (“licensee”) employees, on a global basis, including any subsidiary and/or affiliate employees will have access to the vignettes during the license period.  Thus, Compliance Corner is licensed by time and not by ‘views’ or ‘seats.’

To access the content, the licensee will sign a license agreement with the Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC (“licensor), which will commence the invoicing process and the transfer of the vignettes.

No, the licensee can decide before the expiry if they would like to continue access by notification to Front-Line Anti-Bribery, otherwise, the license will expire by default.

To simplify how Compliance Corner is embedded with existing e-learning systems, Front-Line Anti-Bribery will share the vignettes via a shared file where all of the vignettes will be transferred. The vignettes are MP4 files, and any subtitles are .SRT files, which can then be spooled together. Organizations can also access Compliance Corner via a link and password, where employees can view the content from their desktops or mobile devices. Both options will be provided, so the licensee can decide which option (or both) works with their existing e-learning, LMS and/or Intranet access systems.

Licenses for Compliance Corner include the entire series of vignettes (twelve as of March 2022). The decision about which ones to use (some or all, or which subject matter stream), as well in what order to launch them, is entirely up to each organization’s needs.

Yes, we allow organization’s  two-to-four-week access (“courtesy period”) to prepare the content internally prior to the workforce launch before the license period officially commences.

Yes, there is a customization option in the fee schedule where copy (without audio), such as logos, compliance messages (text) and/or contact information can be spooled onto either the start and/or finish to any or all of the vignettes.

Yes, you can make Compliance Corner ‘your own’ including complete customization with a two-year license commitment.  Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC has resources to help with that process, or organizations can use their own providers.

Front-Line Bribery will ask that the licensee certifies (on letterhead) that the content files have been removed and destroyed. If the licensee needs to preserve the files as documenting the training, it would certify (on letterhead) that while the content has been retained for documentation purposes, that it is no longer being used or available in a training context.

When new vignettes are added licensees will be notified that the content is available for download and there is no additional charge. As the library grows, our clients grow with it!

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