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Compliance Corner

These real-world on-line training videos will bring the reality of international corruption, commerce and compliance to your global commercial work force with power, authenticity and the positive message of how compliance wants to inspire the workforce to be successful, safe and back home.

Compliance Corner Demo User Terms of Use

THE DEMO IS SOLELY BEING SHARED FOR THE PURPOSE OF YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION EVALUATING THE POSSIBILITY OF PURCHASING A SHORT OR LONG TERM LICENSE. YOU MAY SHARE THE DEMO INTERNALLY WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. SHOWING, LINKING, COPYING OR OTHERWISE SHARING THE DEMO OUTSIDE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED; IS A VIOLATION OF THESE TERMS; AND WILL BE VIEWED AS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT BY FRONT-LINE ANTI-BRIBERY LLC. Requesting a demo of Compliance Corner does not create an obligation on the part of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC to provide one, but is at the discretion of Front-Line Bribery LLC. In the event that a demo of Compliance Corner  is provided to you, the content of the demo, which will be provided to you on a revocable trial, is and remains the sole property of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC and its licensors.  At all times the demo is protected by copyright rights and other intellectual property laws. The demo is not for commercial use, reproduction, or training purposes. It is not for dissemination or to be used in any educational or training capacity. By accepting these terms and conditions, you certify that (1)  the purpose of viewing the demo will be for internal evaluation purposes only and (2) you and your organization will at all times comply with these terms or your and your organization’s permission to view the demo automatically terminates.